fb-coverDigital Marketing Company based in Portland, OR

Yamb Online is the brainchild of Darlene Webster, who formerly led the marketing and online search branches of the Overland Group. Darlene started Yamb about five years ago with the intent of serving a small group of boutique clients better than anyone else in the region. With only a few years in the business on her own, Darlene is proudly and singularly dedicated to opening up the doors of the firm to any client, large or small. “I have had the great good fortune to make things happen this way in my life,” she said, “and I’m very excited to bring that good fortune to the service of others.”

darleneThe team of marketing specialists work as a group to develop the best strategy to market the product or event. Their capabilities are complimentary and their tenure with the firm averages nine years. “We work really well together,” said Marketing Director Charlene Harlbrooke, “and we’re running at peak speed and efficiency. We want to make sure our clients’ needs are met no matter what!”

Yamb has a great reputation in Portland and the surrounding area. The team of six in house artists are able to assemble copy and make graphic design adjustments up to press time. Apps are designed quickly and released to the Store for clients in no time. SEO adjustments are made without a lot of fuss. Yamb is ready to help you!